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Visitor Comment

Fraser and Judith from Scotland

Great little airfield surrounded by wonderful countryside. Well worth a visit. People really friendly, esp Alan who even loaned us his car for a while. Many thanks Alan


Her Majesty drops by...



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Would all pilots please note - DO NOT DO YOUR PRE-FLIGHT RUN UPS ON THE END OF 25!! It is dangerous. Do them before you back track.

Resident pilots remember there is to be no refuelling in the hangar. Also note that when you change your oil please take the old oil away, do NOT leave it in the hangar.

Alas there is no more space in the hangar, we are now full to bursting! Those who asked are on the waiting list.


Well the weather did hold, at least for those arriving from the east, north and south. The less fortunate attempting to fly from the west we faced with very low cloud and rain. We had phone calls from pilots exxperiencing cloud down to the ground, rain and harsh winds!! We had over 20 aircraft arrivals including flexwings and autogyros. A fair few arrived by road, including a gent on a beautiful BSA vintage bike, wonderful. The first arrival, John and his partner from Bagby, went away with a much sought after Crosland Moor High Spot mug.

Now a plea for photos - My camera has done something unspeakable with my photos so if any of you have any photos of the event please, please send them to me - photos@croslandmoor-airfield.co.uk and I will get them on the site. Ta in advance!

I do have a couple of photos however of two determined aviators, hearing of the quality of our butties but who, because of the weather, could not get here on the saturday, bravely set forth and arrived on sunday. The photos show their lovely, nay beautiful, Minicab. I fell in love.

a wonderful aircraft   the gentleman flyers

The photo above shows the gentlemen flyers, Tony Wakefield and Brian Suzans. Many thanks for coming gents and hope the butties were worth it (of course they were!!). 
mini max delight flown by John                                           Malcolm going for a brekky!!

What better on a sunny day...

The photo shows Alan flying Gavins lovely Eurostar low(ish) over Crosland Moor airfield on one of this years first really sunny day! The photo was taken by Matthew Lethbridge. Many thanks Matthew, great photo!


Do not leave cars parked near the bottom hangar where they will get in the way of the Islander leaving or entering the hangar. Many thanks.

All engine checks MUST be completed before entering runway 25. Absolutely NO checks are to be undertaken on the threshold or on the stub.

Engine checks may be carried out at the end of the 07 taxi way but absolutely not on the runway.


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